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> Is the problem you are referring to GPL V3's more restrictive license
> and viral nature.

It is more like a vaccination effect, if you ask me. :)

It has been compared to taking a cutting. One takes a cutting consciensly, knowing what will happen. Whereas a virus is caught by accident.
Yes, I believe that there may be a problem and roundup or a solution build on
roundup could be considered a derived work. So when it doubt, we should
consider alternative solutions.

Maye this was the view back in 2007.

The subprocess would work on windows, but I don't think it is a particular ice
technical solution. So before I recommend looking at the alternatives first.

I think we might be able to go with what was suggested back in 2007, namely that the code could try to do the import and use it if successful. The documentation could mention that the ASCIInator will be used if present but that its absence is not harmful. Thus the ASCIInator could be installed on the same system as roundup and roundup may use it if present but it doesnt matter that the two pieces of software have different licences.

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