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Issue 685275

Title: show retired/unretire commands
Type: rfe Severity: normal
Components: Database Versions: 1.4
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Created on 2003-02-12 12:25 by jkew, last changed 2016-04-10 23:48 by rouilj.

msg3165 Author: [hidden] (jkew) Date: 2003-02-12 12:25
Retiring nodes can have implications down the 
line -- see SF bug 685273.

Could roundup-admin be enhanced to make 
dealing with retired items easier? Three 

a) display <designator> shows the node, retired or 
active: would be useful if the display distinguised 
retired nodes from active nodes. Possibly a header 
on the displayed information:

roundup> display user7
user7 [retired]
username: XX

b) table <class> shows only active nodes of the 
class: would be useful to also see retired nodes 
and/or see the active/retired status of each.

c) new command unretire <designator> to move a 
retired node back into active service.
msg5514 Author: [hidden] (rouilj) Date: 2016-04-10 23:48
The unretire command already exists as restore.

Would reporting the retired status of the displayed item:

realname: None
retired: yes/no
roles: Admin, Repair

be sufficient?

It looks like internally a retired item has a flag:


maybe just exposing this would be helpful?

Also searching/find for retired items should be added as well.
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