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2 days ago patch for creating trackers within Postgresql schema smcgraw
2 days ago cjk codecs section in docs obsolete smcgraw
2 weeks ago Make the classic template query.edit page work. r.david.murray
2 weeks ago Templating error from selecting "no selection" on multilink joseph_myers
2 weeks ago Does not support non-ascii chars for All text search jerome
1 month ago HTML attachments should not be served as text/html rouilj
1 month ago HTML in error message from detectors gets escaped ezio.melotti
1 month ago anypy/ uses BSPACE which is not defined in python 2.7 drboone
1 month ago Improve mailgw logging for node creation errors. r.david.murray
1 month ago mod_python 3.4.1 - add_cgi_vars() instead of add_common_vars() grisha
1 month ago Cracked comments at end of title breaks email updates rouilj
2 months ago New option for web auth [proposed patch] antmail
2 months ago Upgrading docs don't mention 1.5.0 jaraco
2 months ago Attackers on xmlrpc give "TypeError: not indexable" kayhayen
2 months ago No i18n translation in (at least) antmail
3 months ago Configure database backend in 'config.ini' instead of 'db/backend_name' jerrykan
3 months ago ProgrammingError: ERROR: could not serialize access due to concurrent kowey
4 months ago DatabaseLockError: Unable to get write lock on db/text-index: already locked ThomasAH
4 months ago Error with date fields when other fields are invalid jerrykan
6 months ago provide basic support for handling html only emails rouilj
6 months ago config option for revision linking techtonik
6 months ago Enhancing the functionality of the CSV export function 'export_csv_names' anrounham14
6 months ago pywin32 is no longer required to run on Windows matt109
6 months ago Password with special characters brakes the login form anrounham14
9 months ago IOError in detector causes apache 'premature end of script headers' error tekberg
9 months ago Allow include image from clipboard to comment jan.tylich
10 months ago Feature request - Send mail using external program jherazo-beverly
11 months ago xapian search, stemming is not working ber
11 months ago The default search should not crawl on users lu_zero
11 months ago Select menu generation in search template is slower than in item template
11 months ago Need an easier way to add a class to multiline() or field() generated html. rouilj
11 months ago Inadequate CSRF protection joseph_myers
11 months ago "Make a copy" always tries to write change not to @note although :note is also valid rouilj
11 months ago Should be possible to search for matching several keywords (keyword1 AND keyword2) ber
11 months ago unicode errors with experimental jinja2 template shammash
14 months ago distutils vs. setuptools schlatterbeck
14 months ago roundup-admin import for postgres causes id to be skipped tekberg
15 months ago files/msgs disassociated with database dpmills
15 months ago Can't post message because of email encoding error tbsmark86
15 months ago Incorrect mail encoding coversion yasusii
16 months ago History display misalignment rouilj
16 months ago Multiline properties in the history list htrd
16 months ago Allow to find substring matches for all text search ber
17 months ago Consolidate API for extensibility stefan
17 months ago Support AJAX for web frontends. stefan
17 months ago Calendar and Classhelp selection tools don't cause onchange event to be triggered. rouilj
17 months ago Better search list display rouilj
18 months ago Replying to NOSY mail goes to roundup-admin, not author tekberg
18 months ago DetectorError in nosyreaction sending e-mail after upgrade to 1.4.20 jaraco
18 months ago @dispname query args in page.html search links not valid html rouilj
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