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1 1/2 hours ago html_calendar produces templating errors for bad date strings joseph_myers
3 days ago Travis ci testing is failing on wget of rouilj
2 months ago add support for local_replace to classic template ber
2 months ago add support for repo links on jerrykan
3 months ago Original author adding a second message shouldn't set status to 'chatting' justus.winter
3 months ago Prevent reopening of issues after some time period has passed. rouilj
4 months ago exceptions.NotFound(msg) msg is not reported to user in cgi ber
5 months ago Can create login name with , in it. Confuses nosy list editing. Also can embed html tags. rouilj
5 months ago "pip install --editable ." fails tonich
5 months ago New option for web auth antmail
5 months ago Make classname translatable antmail
5 months ago missing python exe path in scripts hfoffani
5 months ago Client-side Roundup library stefan
6 months ago Add a: "Welcome user, you have logged in" ok_message on login. rouilj
6 months ago Is roundup affected by faked HTTP_PROXY cgi setting? rouilj
6 months ago Remove 10-lines limit for dropping email signatures ezio.melotti
6 months ago cannot export on Windows platform anonymous
6 months ago Should be possible to search for matching several keywords (keyword1 AND keyword2) ber
6 months ago Create new Computed property type rouilj
6 months ago Does not support non-ascii chars for All text search (with Xapian) jerome
6 months ago show current timezone thomas_ah
6 months ago login box when using REMOTE_USER through 3rd party webserver DanielGrimwood
6 months ago Inadequate CSRF protection joseph_myers
6 months ago make mail addressed to update issue 25. rouilj
6 months ago Document the logical expression search a bit ber
6 months ago Add config option to set whitelist for acceptable mime types. - A better solution for serving html attachments ber
6 months ago with more than 50 items, the simple classhelp javascript windows do not allow to select from all items (affects keywords, superceder) tonimueller
6 months ago Enhancing the functionality of the CSV export function 'export_csv_names' anrounham14
6 months ago pywin32 is no longer required to run on Windows (still required oto run as a service) matt109
6 months ago one more classhelp argument - suggestion tmikk
6 months ago Allow selecting/bookmarking of sets of issues rouilj
6 months ago VARCHAR in multilink tables on MySQL whunger
6 months ago apache wsgi docs galis
6 months ago HEAD requests arer very slow. tonimueller
6 months ago Add support for external files stefan
6 months ago devel tracker template missing some patch support rouilj
6 months ago Install on Win 7, fails to detect missing python dependency cscortes
6 months ago Fail on login using the MySQL database matej
6 months ago Handle incoming emails with very long lines by automatic wrapping pefu
6 months ago issue search template missing for jinja2 template ber
6 months ago Bounced message should be sent as message/rfc822 attachment ced
6 months ago Option description from customizing should be generated from ber
6 months ago Templating error from selecting "no selection" on multilink joseph_myers
6 months ago Support AJAX for web frontends. stefan
6 months ago Allow include image from clipboard to comment jan.tylich
6 months ago "Make a copy" always tries to write change not to @note although :note is also valid rouilj
6 months ago Classic template binary search: Too HTML4 specific ber
6 months ago Binary filter operators specific to "keyword" should be more generic ber
6 months ago Email address displayed after password reset request luke
6 months ago Classic template binary search "(edit)" or "(expr)" link vanishes once an expression was entered ber
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