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yesterday [PATCH] Add support for the Whoosh indexer wolever
2 days ago Add new main config file setting to control full text indexing rouilj
5 days ago Prepend tracker name to email subjects jkew
6 days ago Handling of socket timeouts joseph_myers
7 days ago Introduce HTMLDate.periodof(), Interval.period() functions antmail
7 days ago Support for memcached rodriguealcazar
1 week ago "pip install --editable ." fails tonich
2 weeks ago check functions for Permission.searchable [patch] elic
2 weeks ago notation to filter by logged-in user jonct
2 weeks ago Extending translation ability (for date at least) antmail
1 month ago debug filter for Jinja2 antmail
1 month ago Make the classic template query.edit page work. r.david.murray
1 month ago Avoid duplicate relative tracker homes when reinitialising. wking
1 month ago Feature Request: Optional Change Note anonymous
1 month ago Classic-template: user can't edit querys in some situations tbsmark86
1 month ago Fix failing postgresql tests smcgraw
2 months ago Roundup sets "Precedence: bulk" on all outgoing mail, which seems wrong. stefan
2 months ago Do not e-mail me about my own actions, at least optionally Ivan Pozdeev
2 months ago let forms preserve values after submission failed stefan
2 months ago filtering user list (need tmikk
2 months ago creating/editing multiple multilinks doesn't work ak-79
2 months ago little template api for required fields tobias-herp
2 months ago more comfortable adding of users tobias-herp
2 months ago input fields should have HTML id attributes tobias-herp
2 months ago missing python exe path in scripts hfoffani
2 months ago a Systeminfo page endavis
2 months ago Have New Issues Submitted By Email *Not* Change Body! eparker
2 months ago Separate templates SHA signature to ease version control gimni
2 months ago show retired/unretire commands jkew
2 months ago better help message for mailgw richard
2 months ago allow commands through mail gateway richard
2 months ago patch for creating trackers within Postgresql schema smcgraw
2 months ago HEAD requests arer very slow. tonimueller
2 months ago remove-user buttons should be removed for admin an guest (anonymous) radioking
2 months ago VCS support mariod
3 months ago Replying to NOSY mail goes to the tracker through reply-to, not original message author tekberg
3 months ago Unable to change(save) user details on pefu
3 months ago Expose roundup via a RESTful interface. rouilj
3 months ago Improving the test coverage of the Roundup test suite pefu
3 months ago HTTPS is a must techtonik
3 months ago Handle incoming emails with very long lines by automatic wrapping pefu
3 months ago Datetime of new node. antmail
3 months ago Reclaim unused IDs techtonik
4 months ago Does not support non-ascii chars for All text search (with Xapian) jerome
4 months ago Allow to find substring matches for all text search ber
5 months ago unicode errors with experimental jinja2 template shammash
5 months ago issue search template missing for jinja2 template ber
5 months ago GMail classifies messages from this tracker as SPAM techtonik
5 months ago Migrate to setuptools jerrykan
6 months ago A better solution for serving html attachments ber
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