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7 months ago ProgrammingError: ERROR: could not serialize access due to concurrent kowey
7 months ago Do not e-mail me about my own actions, at least optionally Ivan Pozdeev
7 months ago roundup-admin import for postgres causes id to be skipped tekberg
7 months ago Registration with confirmation detects duplcate name when using validation rouilj
7 months ago Anti-bot signup using 4 second delay rouilj
7 months ago Unable to change(save) user details on pefu
7 months ago Show Python, Roundup version at bottom with more stats techtonik
7 months ago Increase flexibility and scope of UI of issue jan.koprowski
7 months ago should properly set the group for the files lu_zero
7 months ago RFE for login UI and sub-menu placement opendevnet
7 months ago not all strings localized in issue.index.html btami
7 months ago MySQL support notes adustman
7 months ago Pretty printing / formatting for Number types. ber
7 months ago Issue Update Fails when SMTP Server Fails anonymous
7 months ago setup wizard tobias-herp
7 months ago quiet properties enhancement for issue1714899 rouilj
7 months ago Recall queries that were public but are now private rouilj
7 months ago mod_python 3.4.1 - add_cgi_vars() instead of add_common_vars() grisha
7 months ago Reimplement filtering on index page richard
7 months ago Installation error: ImportError: Cannot load MySQL client libraries. richardgmcmahon
7 months ago Add OpenID authentication, perhaps others? ajaksu2
7 months ago check functions for Permission.searchable [patch] elic
7 months ago little template api for required fields tobias-herp
7 months ago unselect all item on a multi select thomas-weber
7 months ago Issue tracker update: ping Ralf, Bernhard or Ezio rouilj
7 months ago Jinja2 template needs fixing of value for __came_from rouilj
8 months ago tests/ does not run if you are missing any back ends. rouilj
8 months ago make default_value in hyperdb work or at least document its use. rouilj
8 months ago Improving the test coverage of the Roundup test suite pefu
8 months ago Have CSV download of issue list put name rather than ID rouilj
8 months ago Interception of Class/FileClass methods bnordgren
8 months ago Cracked comments at end of title breaks email updates rouilj
8 months ago Support alternate template engines lu_zero
8 months ago Named quieries for shorter URL's myers_carpenter
8 months ago search in russian does not work anonymous
8 months ago NOSY_EMAIL_SENDING == multiple and exchange duplicate message detection vries
8 months ago Allow searching for ranges for Number attributes schlatterbeck
8 months ago classhelp should check permissions schlatterbeck
8 months ago relink / restore an unlinked / removed message forest
8 months ago Invalid HTML in some places epaepa
8 months ago Attachment not sent w/ Nosy email diana_chen23
8 months ago ZRoundup Patch for Zope 2.11+ anonymous
8 months ago translated help texts in not displayed correctly tobias-herp
8 months ago Search for "All text" can't find some Unicode words anonymous
8 months ago Full text search in CJK does not work anonymous
8 months ago input fields should have HTML id attributes tobias-herp
8 months ago Multiline properties in the history list htrd
8 months ago optimizing menu() et al. stefan
8 months ago Prepend tracker name to email subjects jkew
8 months ago Handling of socket timeouts joseph_myers
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