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2550935 1 month ago Calendar popup does not show current value of date field. Shows original value. new rouilj  
2550612 1 month ago Error with date fields when other fields are invalid open jerrykan  
2550930 5 months ago add support for local_replace to classic template new ber  
2550926 5 months ago Original author adding a second message shouldn't set status to 'chatting' new justus.winter  
2550755 6 months ago exceptions.NotFound(msg) msg is not reported to user in cgi open ber rouilj
2550866 8 months ago "pip install --editable ." fails open tonich jerrykan
2550837 8 months ago New option for web auth new antmail  
2550888 8 months ago Make classname translatable new antmail  
2550917 8 months ago Add a: "Welcome user, you have logged in" ok_message on login. new rouilj  
2550788 8 months ago Does not support non-ascii chars for All text search (with Xapian) new jerome  
2550764 8 months ago login box when using REMOTE_USER through 3rd party webserver new DanielGrimwood rouilj
2550833 8 months ago Enhancing the functionality of the CSV export function 'export_csv_names' new anrounham14  
2550827 8 months ago pywin32 is no longer required to run on Windows (still required oto run as a service) new matt109 techtonik
2550913 8 months ago Allow selecting/bookmarking of sets of issues new rouilj  
2550725 8 months ago VARCHAR in multilink tables on MySQL new whunger  
2550566 8 months ago apache wsgi docs new galis  
2550651 8 months ago HEAD requests arer very slow. new tonimueller  
2550513 8 months ago Add support for external files new stefan stefan
2550924 8 months ago devel tracker template missing some patch support open rouilj  
2550720 8 months ago Install on Win 7, fails to detect missing python dependency new cscortes  
2550495 8 months ago Fail on login using the MySQL database new matej  
2550902 8 months ago Handle incoming emails with very long lines by automatic wrapping new pefu pefu
2550901 8 months ago issue search template missing for jinja2 template new ber pcaulagi
2550867 8 months ago Bounced message should be sent as message/rfc822 attachment new ced  
2550878 8 months ago Option description from customizing should be generated from new ber  
2550722 8 months ago Templating error from selecting "no selection" on multilink new joseph_myers  
2550797 8 months ago Support AJAX for web frontends. new stefan  
2550824 8 months ago Allow include image from clipboard to comment new jan.tylich  
2550819 8 months ago "Make a copy" always tries to write change not to @note although :note is also valid new rouilj rouilj
2550710 8 months ago Classic template binary search: Too HTML4 specific new ber  
2550708 8 months ago Binary filter operators specific to "keyword" should be more generic new ber  
2550709 8 months ago Classic template binary search "(edit)" or "(expr)" link vanishes once an expression was entered new ber  
2550671 8 months ago ProgrammingError: ERROR: could not serialize access due to concurrent new kowey  
2550906 8 months ago Do not e-mail me about my own actions, at least optionally open Ivan Pozdeev  
2550903 8 months ago Unable to change(save) user details on new pefu  
2550736 8 months ago Show Python, Roundup version at bottom with more stats new techtonik  
2550652 8 months ago Increase flexibility and scope of UI of issue new jan.koprowski  
2550506 8 months ago should properly set the group for the files new lu_zero  
2550650 8 months ago RFE for login UI and sub-menu placement new opendevnet  
2550515 8 months ago setup wizard new tobias-herp  
2550821 8 months ago mod_python 3.4.1 - add_cgi_vars() instead of add_common_vars() open grisha rouilj
2550539 8 months ago Installation error: ImportError: Cannot load MySQL client libraries. new richardgmcmahon rouilj
2550523 8 months ago Add OpenID authentication, perhaps others? new ajaksu2  
2550700 8 months ago check functions for Permission.searchable [patch] open elic schlatterbeck
2550914 8 months ago Issue tracker update: ping Ralf, Bernhard or Ezio new rouilj  
2550911 9 months ago make default_value in hyperdb work or at least document its use. new rouilj  
2550677 9 months ago Interception of Class/FileClass methods new bnordgren rouilj
2550507 9 months ago Support alternate template engines new lu_zero  
2550514 9 months ago optimizing menu() et al. open stefan stefan
2550889 9 months ago Introduce HTMLDate.periodof(), Interval.period() functions pending antmail  
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