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Author anonymous
Date 2005-09-08.15:00:29
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Hello Richard,

Although it's not buggy behaviour, it would be grateful if
we could provide "AND" search feature on message scope as
Christoph suggested because the behaviour seems the same as
searching engine like Google. They require "OR" keyword if
you want to "OR" search, btw.

In addition, it would also be grateful if we could provide
"AND" search feature on topics/keywords scope. For exmple,
if you put "Performance", "Usability",... as category topics
and "ProjectA", "ProjectB",... as project name topics, you
would like to find "ProjectA AND Usability".

I understand Roundup code is written fully extensible and it
does not care message or topics but just care about scheme,
Multilink or not for insntace. So, it's not good idea to
give special treatment to message and topics but even so, I
still think "AND search for message and topics" would be
very useful for Roundup users.

I hope my comments is understandable.
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