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Author tobias-herp
Date 2006-08-11.18:18:33
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The benefit of HTML labels is creating a connection between
the input field and its description; e.g. when clicked on
the label, a graphical browser puts the focus to the
labelled input field (or select or textarea). A checkbox or
radio button would be selected. Labels are likely to be used
by special browsers for handicapped persons, too.

My patch introduces the macros th_label and
th_label_required (named to reflect the fact they create a
th tag with a label inside). They play nicely with i18n.

The main use case is the template; the
search input macros have been updated, too, to make the
labels work (an id attribute is needed).

For the fields in issue.item.html, there is no visible
effect yet because the methods used there don't create id
attributes (yet); but you get the idea.
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