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Author marlonvdb
Date 2006-08-15.06:42:16
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Sorry for meddling in, but why not specifying which
properties are required in the scheme definition file?
Defining required properties in HTML looks nice, but it
doesn't prevent creating issue's with too less filled in
properties via the mail gateway. Currently auditors are
required to prevent that issues are created via the mailgw
that do miss some required properties. These auditors are
also triggered when submitting an issue form, meaning the
@required HTML specification doesn't really make sense
anymore, because the properties are checked twice.
So why not do something like we do to define the key
property. In other words something like:
   issue.required("title", "priority")
and then let some general code check for the presence of
these properties before any auditor is executed. This way we
are able to catch the missing properties in both the
submitted issue forms and the submitted emails.

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