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> Which "errors" module are you refering to ...

Well, this is my private error/warning counting module for commandline
tools (I thought everyone would have one).  Since it is not necessary
for intrange usage, I omitted it; it was not suitable yet for an
international audience.

Not very surprisingly, the "err" function writes a text to stderr and
increases a counter; "check_errors" checks this counter and terminates
the program.

(Ok, you got me; here it is. When called directly, it can tell about its

> The "warning" you are getting comes from the
> test_invalidExpressions test.

Well, of course I know (or knew at the time of writing ;-) the location
of the warning in my code.  I just don't understand it (it doesn't make
any sense to me, and in fact looks like some ill assumption about
iterators); and Python versions <= 2.4.x don't warn.

To me, my code looks right; nothing to complain about.  If anybody else
understands the warning, please explain it to me and tell me how to
avoid it (in a *compatible* way, of course).  Currently I consider this
warning a Python bug.

> One comment on using "," as separator. Please do not do this.
> "." and "," are typical decimal delimiter characters.

Point taken. *But* I consider it very unlikely ...
- to be confronted with non-integer numeric values here
  (date values can be handled in another place)
- formatted (thousands-separated) input values to be supported

The comma "," is the common punctuation mark for enumerations in most
languages (I couldn't tell a counterexample); the semicolon ";" divides
related sentences, right?

Thus, not supporting the comma would inconvenience most users.
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