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Am Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009 12:21:37 schrieb Tobias:
> > One comment on using "," as separator. Please do not do this.
> > "." and "," are typical decimal delimiter characters.
> Point taken. *But* I consider it very unlikely ...
> - to be confronted with non-integer numeric values here

Think about rates, scientific parameters or small prices;
they are quite common. And because roundup shall directly interface with 
users, it must accommodate for representing "12.5" like "12,5" in German.

> - formatted (thousands-separated) input values to be supported

I agree here, thousands-separated values can be left out.

In general I have the feeling that the syntax is too complicated
and something more simple would be adaquat. 
Ideally it should be considered to join the parser for Date and Number ranges
to avoid code duplication and easy learning.
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