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Date 2009-07-17.12:11:02
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Stefan Seefeld <> wrote:
> On 07/16/2009 01:57 PM, Peter Funk wrote:
> > please come up with a real world use case for a mailing list
> > as user on a roundup nosy list.
> I don't need to come up with it, I'm *using* it ! :-)
> > IMHO the nosy list is a very fine mailing list manager by itself,
> > which is far more powerful than any other mailing list manager from
> > the users point of view.
> I don't want to argue with you about whether and how the nosy list
> feature of Roundup compares to mailman. That's not my point.
> My point is that there are people who set up Roundup to send mail to
> lists, and there is no reason to set such a policy inside the Roundup
> core that breaks that.

Understood.  But IMHO the default behaviour should remain as is.
Suppressing this header should be a configurable option.

Two more thoughts:

Adding a global config option to the mailer class would be simple. But
the inclusion of the bulk-header should depend on the recipient of
the message: If you have a mailing list as nosy recipient, other
nosy users might have auto responders installed, that suppress their
action only if they see a Bulk header.  Unfortunately currently the
mailer class sends a message to all recipients at once.  Making the
presence of the header dependent on the recipient would require to
split the nosy list in two parts. :-(

What about  If you use a mailing list as recipient, then
other paople might want to do the opposite and want to put a roundup
tracker instance as recipient on a mailing list.  Currently the
ignoring of bulk-messages in is also hard coded:

        # detect Precedence: Bulk, or Microsoft Outlook autoreplies
        if (message.getheader('precedence', '') == 'bulk'
                or subject.lower().find("autoreply") > 0):
            raise IgnoreBulk

Regards, Peter
P.S.: I tried to send this reply through email first in the morning,
but it came back from due to a exception
in similar to one in issue2550534 . I filed a comment
there, because I suspect it is the same problem.
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