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Date 2010-05-06.13:56:19
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Hi, not sure how to post an RFE so left me try here.

roundup's out of the box registration, confirmation, login features are
well thought out and certainly do offer immediate gratification! Thanks!

I might be too used to google and gmail interfaces for handling user
preferences, but I'd like to suggest moving the login submenu to the top
left corner of the page and putting preferences like "Your Details"
"Your Issues" etc on a separate profile page of some sort. This would
free up a bit of screen real estate in the left column. See google's own for an example.

It's not really a bug but the left column a little is a bit crowded and
occasionally the block elements overflow into the content area. Around
line 73 in style.css I needed to change "margin left" to 0.5 or 1 to
keep the login menu from overflowing.

 .menu ul ul
   margin-left: 2em;
   font-size: smaller;

This occurs with Firefox 3.6 but not 3.5 or Opera 10 and seems related
to browser font sizes interaction with body > .navigation etc. The
cleanest way to fix it that I could see was to remove the whole menu and
make a preferences page: thus the RFE.


ps: thanks for all the work on roundup - it is an excellent piece of
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