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On 8/21/12 1:13 PM, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Bernhard Reiter added the comment:
> A good to know!
> I'd be interested in your experiences, e.g. what is "big"
> and "other things". Ideally on the -devel list. :)

Big -> anything bigger than 20-30 would slow to a crawl, we are talking 
about bicubic complexity for nothing. (nested lookup+ string comparison)

> Especially: What would we need to improve to make roundup fit your needs?

1- have a stock setup not requiring to edit TAL to be on par with the 
stock bugzilla
2- have a stock setup not so slow that it is unusable on the same system 
bugzilla (or even trac) can run decently
3- have the wsgi deploy in a canned recipe easy to be followed
4- have a way to import/export to bugzilla xml.

Not something that could be done overnight I guess ^^;

> Which version did you try and which database?

I used the mysql backend but it is completely unrelated to the problem 
at hand.

The database abstraction is/was completely bogus. Something like 
sqlalchemy declarative base probably could replace that faulty component 
with minor disruption. (then I could point that the whole "store the 
messages in the filesystem" requiring a little unsettling)

Chameleon probably would make the web ui work faster even if tal is sort 
of hard to follow compared to genshi or jinja

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