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Author jerrykan
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Date 2012-08-30.04:09:00
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Some info gleaned from the email list so far...

Matching of commit IDs should include (with optional 'hg:' prefix):
 * 12 character hex string surrounded by whitespace
 * 40 character hex string surrounded by whitespace

So the following:
 * <some text> baddbae588ad <more text>
 * <some text> baddbae588ad85d12ac3868415631e3cbd34d865 <more text>
 * <some text> hg:baddbae588ad <more text>
 * <some text> hg:baddbae588ad85d12ac3868415631e3cbd34d865 <more text>

Should link to:

Other things to consider:
 * should we worry about case-insensitive matching?
 * links to repository tags
 * links to repository revision numbers
 * links to specific files/lines
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