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> Do you check that the 'path/to/file' starts with a certain directory 
> (ie. 'path/') or do you just match string of text that has '/'s in it? 

The former, see:
We also highlight paths in tracebacks (using a different mechanism, see
line 92).

> Links that don't include a revision id (ie. link to tip) may become
> less relevant over time though as code changes.

This is true, but usually
1) once the issue is closed the link will be rarely used;
2) even if the code changes it's usually trivial to find the change;

This is especially true if the issue includes the changeset of the fix
that links to the diff of what got changed.  In addition, if people
mention a specific file they might include the full path, but it's
unlikely that they will add other markers unless they are aware they
exist and they remember/know how to use them.

I designed the replacements in that file based on real-world examples I
saw on the tracker, and improved them whenever I found something that
wasn't converted in a link (or wasn't converted correctly).
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