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Date 2012-12-01.02:42:07
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Original posted to roundup-devel

If I am logged out of the roundup tracker and go to:

(This url is the result of a search for issues with the patch

When I then try to login with that URL displayed in my browser I get:

    "broken form: multiple @action values submitted"

Can anybody reproduce this? If so I'll ticket it. I am using palemoon
12.3 (firefox derivative) on windows xp sp3.

If I chose the "open tickets" search link and try to log in I am
logged in just fine. 

This was confirmed so I am finally opening  ticket.

Further work/discussion at:

The problem is that the login is a POST and includes an @action
variable. However the search result is a get style (so it can be
easily bookmarked) and the @action in the url is incorporated
in the url that the login post is sent to (as the action of the
form is the url "#").

So one possibility is to use as the login action the base url without
including any search term (after the ?).

In the 1.4.19 template it looks like this action is created by:

    tal:attributes="action request/base"

I would expect request/base would return the url before the ?
so it looks like this may be a bug in request/base.

Other thoughts welcome.
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