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Date 2013-01-23.18:22:18
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(not sure what Type rfe is, sorry).

We have a tracker with about 3,000 "custcomp" (customer company) entries and about 35,000 
issues overall. The issue.item.html for creating or modifying an issue loads in about 1 second, 
but the takes 9 seconds. Most of that time is in rendering the custcomp 
pulldown for searching.

I'd like to know how to either make this faster or replace the search retrieval with the item 

In issue.item.html, the following is the line of interest:

<td tal:content="structure context/custcomp/menu">custcomp</td>

And the corresponding section of is:

<tr tal:define="name string:custcomp;                                                                                   
                db_klass string:custcomp;                                                                               
                db_content string:name;">
  <td metal:use-macro="search_select"></td>
  <td metal:use-macro="column_input"></td>
  <td metal:use-macro="sort_input"></td>
  <td metal:use-macro="group_input"></td>

If I simply replace search_select line with the context/custcomp/menu line, the select list 
renders very fast, but of course then the search doesn't work.
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