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Date 2013-02-04.09:33:42
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> So are we agreed that this is the todo list:
>  1) Create a new issue dealing with the problem where parallel
>     journal updates do not properly track all changes to an issue.


>  2) Commit this patch to the code for release and review.
>     I need to write up a changelog entry and an example
>     auditor.

I think Ralf already said, he wanted it in.
Given my staring on the OpenPGP code part, I doubt that it works
in all situations. That would need a test. But again, this should not
stop you submitting the code as it needs more testing. Maybe you 
should label the OpenPGP support experimental.

>   3) Close out this ticket as resolved.

> Also it would be nice if the tracker had a see also to go along
> with dependencies and superseder where we can record the issue generated
> by item 1 against this ticket.

(should probably discussed elsewhere ;) )
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