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Author tekberg
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Date 2013-04-25.19:25:17
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I turned logging on in PostgreSQL so I could see what query it generates 
when doing a search on title:
  log_statement = 'all'
in postgresql.conf. The query is:

select,_priority3._order,(_priority3._order is not 
NULL),_issue._activity,(_issue._activity is not NULL) from _issue LEFT 
OUTER JOIN _priority as _priority3 on  
where (_issue._title LIKE '%%cpoe%%') and _issue.__retired__=0 order by 
(_priority3._order is not NULL),_priority3._order,(_issue._activity is 
not NULL),_issue._activity,

Note the LIKE '%%cpoe%%'. This one returned no rows, while searching for 
CPOE in the title returned 172 rows.

I'm going to see if I can determine where this query is generated. If 
you have a pointer that would be nice, then I can write a test case and 
a patch.
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