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Author tekberg
Recipients ber, rouilj, tekberg
Date 2013-04-26.19:47:36
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I have created a test case and a patch to fix the problem. Both are in 
the attached TAR file. The test case fails with an unpatched roundup, 
and succeeds with a patched roundup.

Please take a look to see if this looks OK to you. There are many ways 
to fix this problem - I picked one.

I applied the patch to version 1.4.21. If you want it applied to another 
version let me know.

Here is an overview of the fix:

  Added the test case testFilteringStringCase.
  Added an override for the method insensitive_like in the Class
  class that uses ILIKE.
  Defined the method insensitive_like in the CLASS class that uses LIKE.
  Changed the string case in _filter_sql to call the method
  insensitive_like instead hardcoding 'LIKE'.
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