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Date 2013-12-20.17:31:26
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Fixed in commit 24b8011cd2dc.

Note that the bug with sort/group parameters is not in roundup core
currently, that took me a while to find what you mean (roundup currently
doesn't issue an error message when you specify non-existing properties
in sort/group).
But having a 'structure' tag -- which indicates that the template will
not escape the text -- is asking for trouble. So I've reworked that part
and *all* messages (error and ok) are now escaped.

This *needs* a change to the template. So if you apply only the patch to
roundup core you're *more vulnerable than before*. Be sure to apply the
patch to the template, see doc/upgrading.txt.

I've already committed the necessary changes to roundups roundup tracker.
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