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Author rouilj
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Date 2014-07-20.03:46:37
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I tried to update issue2550837 which has a subject/title of:

  New option for web auth [proposed patch]

I assume this was created in the web interface so the '[proposed patch]'
wasn't flagged as a problem.

However when I tried to respond to it via email with the subject:

  "Re: [Roundup-devel] [issue2550837] New option for web auth [proposed

I got a failed issue tracker submission email with the error:

   There were problems handling your subject line argument list:
   - not of form [arg=value,value,...;arg=value,value,...]

and the regular verbage that comes with that message.

Maybe as a pre-check before trying to parse the argument list,
the code should check to see  if the title (or any prior title)
for the issue matches the subject line. If so then it should skip 
the argument processing and just add the entry.
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