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Date 2015-03-06.07:55:54
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On 03/03/15 03:11, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Thanks John for the get_body() function, here is my first commit.
> This leads to 119 failures, but I believe this is the right next
> step as the test itself was to lax, missing problems which the test
> authors probably did not understand.
> changeset:   4965:a850f8bae536
> tag:         tip
> user:        Bernhard Reiter <>
> date:        Mon Mar 02 17:08:40 2015 +0100
> files:       test/
> description:
> Moved test_mailgw to email module and make message comparison sharper to
> flag differences in headers with the same name.

As you mentioned this commit is breaking the tests which makes it
difficult to determine if the test are failing because of these known
broken tests or some new change.

Are there any objections to reverting this commit until it is more
fleshed-out and not breaking the tests?
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