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If there is a plan to commit it i'll review it again. The  same  goes to other patches.

> John Rouillard added the comment:

> Hello antmail:

> Thanks for adding these patches. I have a few places
> in my tracker (sysadmin) where integer only values
> would be very useful.

> However it looks like you forgot to diff the tests directory as
> I don't see any changes to the tests. I assume you duplicated
> the tests for Number to use the Integer class and verified that
> they all pass. Those changes should be part of the patch as well.

> Also on your patch you left a pdb load/call in there.
> I also saw some whitepsace only changes that should be
> be cleaned up.

> Bernhard, any idea what docs need to be updated?

> At least the docs/customizing.txt section on:

>    Properties

> should be updated to include Integer.

> Also docs/FAQ.txt section on:

>     How is sorting performed, and why does it seem to fail sometimes?

> need to include integer sorting.

> I think design.txt should stay as is since it's
> a historic file and not current documentation.

> antmail, can you fix these and post a new patch.
> Then I'll work on applying the patch to the mainine code.

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