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Date 2016-04-19.14:30:34
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Hello Tom,

Tom Ekberg added the comment:
> So, by saying WONTFIX you are saying one of 2 things to me:
>   (1) use some other tracker that doesn't put Precedence: bulk
>       on email headers or has an option to remove it, or
>   (2) continue to locally patch roundup to remove it so that
>       our mailman (managed by another group) will pass our
>       mail instead of silently dropping it.
> I don't understand why there is resistance to adding a config option 
> to not allowing this mail header attribute to be optional. Nobody is 
> suggesting to drop Precedence entirely, only to make it a config 
> option.

I understand that having to locally patch an upstream version of some 
free software package is a hassle which should be avoided.

So I'm not against such a configuration option.  I've only asked
whether I understood the points made by Ivan in msg5532 this morning.

Tom: Would you care to provide such a patch?

Best Regards,
Peter Funk
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