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Dear, John.

> In your patch for roundup/ you have:
> but there is no translation function/variable/... in the current
> roundup code.

 It   seems  to  be  related  to  my  patch   "[issue2550871]  Extending
translation ability (for date at least)".

> I removed that argument and it seems to have stopped the tests
> from crashing. I also reverted a change you made to the testNumber
> function in test/

> -        self.assertEqual(self._test('number', '  10 '), 10)
> +        self.assertEqual(self._test('number', '  1 '), 1)

> I reinstated the test against 10 and removed the test against 1.

I have no objection. I've set 10 to distinct from boolean values which
may be presented as 1/0.  I've thought that there may be a bad case when
test  for 1 passed but internally parsed as Boolean value. This is the
reason why I use 10. But it doesn't matter.

> I also added test for:

>     self.assertEqual(self._test('integer', '  0 '), 0)
>     self.assertNotEqual(self._test('integer', '  -100.2 '), -100.2)

> to testInteger since I assume it should truncate the .2, and I wanted to
> test 0 as the midpoint of the range.

I really welcome extending the test cases.

> I also updated the docs to include Integer in the places where Number
> was mentioned.

It's  the  most  hard  work for me because of my poor English.  Really
thank you that you made it.

> I am currently running:

>   python -k 'not test_postgresql'

> if it all passes I plan on checking it in unless you have an issue
> with my changes above.

If review of patch "[issue2550871]  Extending
translation  ability"  is  delayed for indefinitely then support of Integer
may  be  applied  as described above. If progress on [issue2550871] is
coming   then   Integer   support   may   be  applied  without changes
mentioned in (****).

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