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Date 2016-06-05.05:28:02
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Hi Anthony:

Anthony said:
> The patch with no whitespace problems (i hope) attached here.

It looks cleaner than the original. Did you merge the patch from
issue2550887 into it? If so I will close issue2550887.

> Also, the code base of has changed after this patch
> was written so i did  some  merging.  Unfortunately  I don't
> know what to get from Mercurial VCS to help other people to
> apply this patch.

I don't understand what you mean here. Are you saying this patch
will not apply to the current head of the default branch?
John K. any ideas?

I do have a couple of questions about the patch itself that I don't

On part of the patch has this:

         if allowdate and info['D'] is not None:
-            now = Date('.')
+            now = Date()

why was this change needed?

Also I see:

-            raise HyperdbValueError, _('property %s: %r is not a number')%(
+            raise HyperdbValueError, translator.gettext('property %s:
%r is not a number')%(
                 kw['propname'], value)

in a number of places. What does it do? I thought _('....') is
replaced by the localized version of .... and the items in the tuple
are just substituted into the localized string. IIUC that is exactly
the same thing that


will do. Translator.gettext won't translate any values in the tuple.
So what does this change accomplish?

Also will I need another patch for the Integer patch I just
committed (reversing what I took out in issue2550886).
The patch will add the translator:

-    def from_raw(self, value, **kw):
+    def from_raw(self, value, translator=translation, **kw):

to the Integer::from_raw function and insert translator.gettext to
replace _ .

-- rouilj
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