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Date 2016-06-25.22:39:50
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I like the idea behind the patch. I think having id's should be
required. However with this patch, what happens if the same field is
referenced in multiple forms on the page?

IIUC that breaks things,( id must be unique on the page) so we need a
way to disable the addition of id's or allow the template designer to
pass (or remove) the id field when calling the templating function.
Maybe set a default id and allow passing a different value in if the
field is used a more than once will work.

Also consider an index page where every row has editable fields, E.G.
bulk updates. So you get an id=title from issue1, issue2 etc.
Using an id that depends on the issue number works for this case, but
not if the same field for the same issue is reused on a page.

I thought there was a way via python:....field(id="field") and menu()
etc, that unknown arguments were passed through to the underlying
rendered HTML. Can't find the reference and I don't have the code
available at the moment.

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