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Author rouilj
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Date 2016-07-02.19:18:47
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Hi all:

On this tracker we just have a '- no selection -' item with
a value set to -1. Is selecting '- no-selection-' if you want no
selection good enough?

Also is the hidden field with the blank value actually supported?
I am concerned that some browsers will get confused with the same
name for different input types. But maybe I am giving browsers too much

Daniel, one thing I could see being useful is to extend menu() with the
to generate an extra: - no selection - option or generate a hidden field.
That way people don't have to mess with the tal if they call:

python:context[name].menu(height=height, empty='option|hidden')">

where option adds a -1 valued '- no-selection -' option and hidden
adds a the hidden field.

This could be a useful patch.


-- rouilj
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