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Author rouilj
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Date 2016-07-03.04:51:34
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I finally have this patch in the pipeline.

I have chnaged the table layout a bit. I added section heads in the
table so it looks like (hope the ascii art works):

  Query     Include in "Your Queries"   Edit    Private to you?          
  *Queries I created*
  pede      include                     edit         yes          [Delete]
  edit      leave out                   edit         yes          [Delete]
  *Queries others created*
  clearcase leave out                   [not yours to edit]
  demo 1    include                     [not yours to edit]
  *My retired queries*
  alpha 2   [query is retired]                                    [Restore]
  [Save Selection]

I also added Restore action in cgi/ and added it to To alow the user to restore queries, needs to

  p ='Restore', klass='query',
      description="User is allowed to restore their queries")'User', p)

added to it.

Also R David's patch to LinkHTMLProperty looks like it solved the
filter issue. Note that filter() never returns retired issues, so I was
able to replace the tal:condition in all your tal:block and push it to
the filter using:

  <tr tal:define="queries python:db.query.filter(filterspec={'creator':
    tal:repeat="query queries">


  <tr tal:define="queries
		python:db.query.filter(filterspec={'private_for': None})"
     tal:repeat="query queries">

This should help performance.

Hopefully I'll have it committed by Monday so people can kick the tires
on it.
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