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Hi Ralf:

In message <>,
Ralf Schlatterbeck writes:
>Ralf Schlatterbeck added the comment:
>On Sun, Aug 28, 2016 at 12:04:37AM +0000, John Rouillard wrote:
>> It looks like your change to tests/ broke a couple of tests.
>> ___________________ FormTestCase.testCSVExportBadColumnName
>> ___________________ FormTestCase.testCSVExportFailPermission
>Both tests fail already when I check out a86860224d80 (before my form

Yup looks like that is my bug (in hindsight export bad column name
failing makes perfect sense). I thought I had been keeping git up to
date, but it looks like I forgot to push a8686 to git and run it
through travis ci to get the whole suite tested.

So I missed that my change required tweaking the tests.

Sorry about that. I am closing this ticket.
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