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Issue 2550792

Title: export_csv_names doesn't handle Multilinks
Type: behavior Severity: normal
Components: User Interface Versions: 1.4
Status: closed Resolution: duplicate
Dependencies: Superseder: Enhancing the functionality of the CSV export function 'export_csv_names'
View: 2550833
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Priority: normal Keywords: patch

Created on 2013-02-01 17:54 by tekberg, last changed 2016-06-25 21:11 by rouilj.

File name Uploaded Description Edit Remove tekberg, 2013-02-01 17:54 Fix for the problem.
msg4782 Author: [hidden] (tekberg) Date: 2013-02-01 17:54
The export_csv_names extension doesn't handle Multilinks. Things like 
keywords show up as something like [8,9].

I have a fix for this in the attached file. Feel free to modify it, as 
long as it is an improvement.

Perhaps this could be a replacement for the file in:
msg4785 Author: [hidden] (ber) Date: 2013-02-04 09:39
thanks for your report and the suggested improvement!

I think we need someone to test this with the current "tip" version
of roundup and then commit it to the core system it some way
as the export function from the webinterface is also affected.
However it may be that we need to support both versions of how
to export to csv.
msg5033 Author: [hidden] (tekberg) Date: 2014-03-14 13:53
Please mark this as closed or a duplicate of issue 2550833.
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