ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
21018 1/2 an hour ago [patch] added missing documentation about escaping characters for configparser has patch has PR open Arun.Persaud docs@python enhancement 7
27069 3/4 hours ago webbrowser creates zombi processes in the background mode open vstinner     6
33081 3/4 hours ago multiprocessing Queue leaks a file descriptor associated with the pipe writer open Henrique Andrade     8
32949 an hour ago Simplify "with"-related opcodes has PR open serhiy.storchaka   performance 4
33057 2 hours ago logging.Manager.logRecordFactory is never used has PR open feinsteinben   behavior 7
32958 3 hours ago socket module calls with long host names can fail with idna codec error open ablack     4
33047 3 hours ago "RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration" using module open Delgan   behavior 6
33093 4 hours ago Fatal error on SSL transport open Eric Toombs     1
33069 6 hours ago Maintainer information discarded when writing PKG-INFO has PR open p-ganssle   behavior 7
33042 7 hours ago New 3.7 startup sequence crashes PyInstaller has patch open htgoebel ncoghlan behavior 11
33034 9 hours ago urllib.parse.urlparse and urlsplit not raising ValueError for bad port has PR open jonathan-lp     14
33092 9 hours ago The bytecode for f-string formatting is inefficient. has PR open Mark.Shannon   performance 3
32911 9 hours ago Doc strings no longer stored in body of AST has PR open Mark.Shannon   behavior 23
27645 10 hours ago Supporting native backup facility of SQLite has patch has PR open lelit   enhancement 39
33091 11 hours ago ssl.SSLError: Invalid error code (_ssl.c:2217) open devkid steve.dower behavior 2
32374 yesterday Document that m_traverse for multi-phase initialized modules can be called with m_state=NULL has PR open encukou docs@python behavior 8
29270 yesterday super call in ctypes sub-class fails in 3.6 has patch open Dave Jones   behavior 11
33089 yesterday Add multi-dimensional Euclidean distance function to the math module open rhettinger   enhancement 4
33055 yesterday bytes does not implement __bytes__() open FHTMitchell   behavior 3
33084 yesterday Computing median, median_high an median_low in statistics library open dcasmr   behavior 9
33088 yesterday Cannot pass a SyncManager proxy to a multiprocessing subprocess on Windows open jjdmon   behavior 1
33053 yesterday Running a module with `-m` will add empty directory to sys.path open ztane   security 2
33061 yesterday NoReturn missing from __all__ in has PR open AllenTracht   behavior 2
25410 yesterday Clean up and fix OrderedDict has patch open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 33
33090 yesterday race condition between send and recv in _ssl with non-zero timeout open nneonneo christian.heimes crash 1
33087 yesterday No reliable clean shutdown method open Void2258   behavior 2
30940 yesterday Documentation for round() is incorrect. has PR open George K lisroach   17
32822 yesterday finally block doesn't re-raise exception if return statement exists inside open David Rebbe docs@python enhancement 5
32476 yesterday Add concat functionality to ElementTree xpath find has patch has PR open jjolly   enhancement 6
33077 yesterday typing: Unexpected result with value of instance of class inherited from typing.NamedTuple open Евгений Махмудов docs@python behavior 9
29673 yesterday Some gdb macros are broken in 3.6 has PR open belopolsky     4
1100942 yesterday Add datetime.time.strptime and has patch has PR open josh-sf   enhancement 47
33083 yesterday math.factorial accepts non-integral Decimal instances open mark.dickinson   behavior 4
33073 yesterday Add as_integer_ratio() to int() objects open rhettinger Nofar Schnider enhancement 17
33085 yesterday *** Error in `python': double free or corruption (out): 0x00007ff5254d50d0 *** open chenkai   crash 1
32968 yesterday Fraction modulo infinity should behave consistently with other numbers has PR open elias     17
33080 yesterday regen-importlib is causing build races against other regen-all targets in open Alexander Kanavin     1
33079 yesterday subprocess: document the interaction between subprocess.Popen and os.set_inheritable open sloonz docs@python   1
32642 yesterday add support for path-like objects in sys.path has PR open chris.jerdonek   enhancement 15
33082 2 days ago multiprocessing docs bury very important 'callback=' args has PR open chadmiller-amzn docs@python enhancement 3
25735 2 days ago math.factorial doc should mention integer return type has patch open John.Yeung docs@python   8
26680 2 days ago Incorporating float.is_integer into the numeric tower and Decimal has patch has PR open robert_smallshire   enhancement 45
27657 2 days ago urlparse fails if the path is numeric has PR open Björn.Lindqvist   behavior 8
28677 2 days ago difficult to parse sentence structure in "When an instance attribute is referenced that isn't a data attribute" open viorel docs@python enhancement 4
33012 2 days ago Invalid function cast warnings with gcc 8 for METH_NOARGS has PR open siddhesh   compile error 8
32608 2 days ago Incompatibilities with the socketserver and multiprocessing packages has patch has PR open rbprogrammer   behavior 3
32825 2 days ago warn user of creation of multiple Tk instances open mps   behavior 2
32805 2 days ago Possible integer overflow when call PyDTrace_GC_DONE() open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
33031 2 days ago Questionable code in OrderedDict definition has PR open serhiy.storchaka   compile error 1
33078 2 days ago Queue with maxsize can lead to deadlocks has PR open tomMoral   behavior 1
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