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7 days ago REST API versioning: how to handle schema changes rouilj
1 month ago rewrite classhelper to use dialog rouilj
1 month ago Better logging in REST api schlatterbeck
1 month ago Provide way to retrieve file/msg data via rest endpoint. rouilj
1 month ago Invalid REST Accept header with post/put performs change before returning 406. rouilj
1 month ago Missing cache headers for REST collection and special endpoints rouilj
2 months ago Use whoosh query syntax AND/OR/NEAR/wildcard/fuzzy rouilj
2 months ago Fix roundup for removal of cgi and cgitb standard python modules (and FieldStorage/MiniFieldStorage) rouilj
2 months ago Markdown2 emphasis intra-word ced
2 months ago Enhance to extract strings from detectors/extensions rouilj
2 months ago Remove StructuredText support rouilj
2 months ago email gateway discards changes to messages and files (done with subject tag) if there is a message body rouilj
2 months ago MySQL utf8mb4 issues rouilj
3 months ago Remove feature flag for wsgi instance caching rouilj
3 months ago Modify password PBKDF2 method to use SHA512 rouilj
3 months ago Change packaging from using directly rouilj
3 months ago add support for zoneinfo (python 3.9+) in addition to pytz rouilj
3 months ago Handling of socket timeouts joseph_myers
4 months ago Document python2 support plan rouilj
4 months ago Use utf8mb4 as a default for MySQL instead of utf8 whunger
4 months ago Traceback in email gateway schlatterbeck
4 months ago Skip NODEFAULT web address in email signature wking
5 months ago Build a TUI with textualize rouilj
6 months ago Test Roundup with TIDB (mysql compatible distributed database) rouilj
6 months ago Better templating support for JavaScript rouilj
6 months ago Add support for specifying valid origins for api: xmlrpc/rest rouilj
7 months ago REST X-Total-Count header and @total_size count incorrect when paginated rouilj
7 months ago travis ci python 2.7 environment missing GPG testing. rouilj
7 months ago Support limiting POST (file upload) size rouilj
7 months ago Repurpose superseder field to related field. rouilj
7 months ago Invalid HTML in some places - change templates to html5 epaepa
7 months ago Replace classhelp/calendar frame system rouilj
7 months ago User signup email flow improvements rouilj
7 months ago Add REST support for history rouilj
7 months ago Make translation easier for translators. rouilj
7 months ago Weird error with PrioList of detectors schlatterbeck
8 months ago consider where __slots__ may be useful rouilj
8 months ago Add support for psycopg3 library rouilj
9 months ago consider adding scrypt or argon2 for password hashing to replace pbkdf2 rouilj
9 months ago Update install doc to include setup/run with virtual env rouilj
10 months ago Consider adding purge function - delete info files/msgs (e.g. secrets/PII) rouilj
10 months ago Add verification step to message/file unlinking in ui. rouilj
10 months ago Implement schema permissions for roundup-admin (possibly password too) rouilj
10 months ago Add index creation to schema definition schlatterbeck
10 months ago Adding structured API error messages rouilj
10 months ago Add support for external files stefan
10 months ago remove-user buttons should be removed for admin an guest (anonymous) radioking
10 months ago Does not support non-ascii chars for All text search (with Xapian) jerome
10 months ago Improving the test coverage of the Roundup test suite pefu
10 months ago yaml output of broken rouilj
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