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1 3/4 hours ago No message with DetectorError with Python2 schlatterbeck
1 3/4 hours ago Message not getting word wrapped when using Firefox Browser matt109
yesterday Implementing wiki move to Waldmann-EDV ber
2 days ago Provide mechanism to restrict access to API by user rouilj
3 days ago login box when using REMOTE_USER through 3rd party webserver DanielGrimwood
3 days ago Add OpenID authentication, perhaps others? (github) ajaksu2
3 days ago test requires "CREATE" privilege on Pg - print creation command required for postgresql admin tonimueller
4 days ago Extend values for tx_Source to include rest, xmlrpc rouilj
2 weeks ago cleanup old wiki ber
2 weeks ago Wiki: Fix roundup theme for new version of moinmoin ber
2 weeks ago Fix website/issues screen-switcher-default.css link ber
1 month ago Roundup issue tracker does not permit a user to change their email address tmikk
1 month ago Make release with Python 3 support joseph_myers
1 month ago REST-API not working with wsgi schlatterbeck
1 month ago Transitive filters don't work in rest interface rouilj
2 months ago Selection fields are not translated mbehrle
3 months ago Consider removing 8-bit character set support joseph_myers
3 months ago Error when configuring New -L (loghttpvialogger) option matt109
3 months ago GPG/PGP tests fail mschieder
3 months ago Attempts to attach file or create large message fail under python2 rouilj
3 months ago Get all incoming mail interfaces working with Python 3 joseph_myers
3 months ago Support rate limiting in REST (and xmlrpc) interfaces rouilj
4 months ago Original author adding a second message shouldn't set status to 'chatting' justus.winter
4 months ago "pip install --editable ." fails tonich
4 months ago devel tracker template missing some patch support rouilj
4 months ago Search for "All text" can't find some Unicode words anonymous
5 months ago Restore function in rest interface does not seem to work. rouilj
5 months ago travis-ci failures installing sphinx 2.0 in 3.5 and 3.6 python (works in 2.7 and 3.4) rouilj
5 months ago Fix travis-ci failures for mysql tests rouilj
5 months ago Reversed sorting in hyperdb property wrapper object's sorted() method davidsowder
6 months ago Unable to change(save) user details on pefu
7 months ago Expose roundup via a RESTful interface. rouilj
8 months ago Allow use of reStructured text (or maybe markdown or Creole) in messages rouilj
9 months ago add support for local_replace to classic template ber
9 months ago Descending/Ascending selection for keyword doesn't tekberg
10 months ago mod_python discontinued tekberg
11 months ago __redirect_to is restricted to absolute url only (Attn Bern, Ralf) antmail
11 months ago Handling of socket timeouts joseph_myers
12 months ago Get all web interfaces working with Python 3 joseph_myers
12 months ago Add errata pages on wiki and reference them from delivered documents rouilj
12 months ago KeyError classic during roundup-admin install austin
13 months ago Rework so it emits a more useful error if -c is used on windows without pywin32 rouilj
13 months ago Enable compression of data by roundup-server when requested rouilj
13 months ago Some mechanism to set expiration header or max age for static resources rouilj
13 months ago rework random module use (again) cmeerw
13 months ago Consider distinguishing String and Bytes fields joseph_myers
13 months ago help_commands_html unused joseph_myers
14 months ago History can (temporarily) show incorrect value when a change is rejected rouilj
14 months ago Check uses of assert in roundup code. rouilj
14 months ago required attribute incorrectly shown when using field() rouilj
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