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6 days ago Support for memcached rodriguealcazar
1 week ago Add saved query display for anonymous user. rouilj
1 week ago Support rate limiting in REST (and xmlrpc) interfaces rouilj
1 week ago Use redis as caching layer or session db implementation. rouilj
1 week ago Email Template dotpuppy
1 week ago Grab bag of other thoughts on JWT credentials rouilj
1 week ago Implement CSRF protection for rouilj
2 weeks ago Send notification to user if password or emails are changed rouilj
2 weeks ago roundup-demo doesn't support --help rouilj
2 weeks ago Add ugc relations to links. rouilj
2 weeks ago Internal errors cause WSGI to exit without calling start_response() rouilj
3 weeks ago Use whoosh query syntax AND/OR/NEAR/wildcard/fuzzy rouilj
3 weeks ago Make password reset one time key time limited rouilj
1 month ago Wiki theme updates - moinmoin mobile support needed rouilj
1 month ago In installation.txt clarify source directory. rouilj
1 month ago Document PEM file for roundup-server needs to include both key and cert. rouilj
1 month ago xapian build against 3.12 crashes/fails rouilj
1 month ago Remove feature flag for wsgi instance caching rouilj
1 month ago Allow roundup to use setproctitle if setproctitle package installed. rouilj
1 month ago Allow roundup-admin reindex to work in batches rouilj
1 month ago Should the ETag Header get sent on POST, PUT and PATCH ? marcus.priesch
1 month ago Allow sharing of ticket info via networked help desk rouilj
1 month ago Find out why jinja2 template is missing _generic.item.html rouilj
1 month ago Month intervals at the end of long months yield the wrong day ThomasAH
1 month ago Allow ordering/renaming of public queries. rouilj
2 months ago Implement Server-Timing headers for stats rouilj
2 months ago mailgw submission fails, nosy mail gets sent, message not added to database marcus.priesch
2 months ago Calender 'next month' link fails on day 31 of a month schlatterbeck
2 months ago Add support for specifying valid origins for api: xmlrpc/rest rouilj
3 months ago Invalid HTML in some places epaepa
3 months ago Add config option to set whitelist for acceptable mime types to serve. - A better solution for serving html attachments ber
3 months ago Document the logical expression search a bit ber
3 months ago Allow file upload by drag and drop into text input area with image preview. rouilj
3 months ago improve i18n handling marcus.priesch
3 months ago Replace references to distutils in roundup/dist/command rouilj
4 months ago mistune 2.0 support rouilj
4 months ago Login limit needs to protect REST and xmlrpc as well. rouilj
6 months ago Fix roundup for removal of cgi and cgitb standard python modules (and FieldStorage/MiniFieldStorage) rouilj
6 months ago Replace optparse (deprecated in python 3.2) with argparse rouilj
6 months ago roundup-admin specification should show protected properties (options/pragma for roundup-admin) rouilj
7 months ago Provide a mixin to save image files in avif format and convert to other image types rouilj
7 months ago Support adding webmention to links rouilj
8 months ago textarea wrap="hard" doesn't work with firefox 68 LudwigReiter
8 months ago Allow linking to specific messages in issue/task item view rouilj
8 months ago Consider macaroon bearer auth token support using pymacaroons rouilj
8 months ago Markdown-it js in browser and markdown-it-py in server?? rouilj
8 months ago Run roundup on pypy interpreter rouilj
9 months ago Document how to deploy wheel (.whl) package for roundup. rouilj
10 months ago Add show password to all bundled templates rouilj
10 months ago @filter in web interface should validate fieldnames rouilj
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