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1 minute ago Traceback in Apache WSGI schlatterbeck
9 hours ago Undocumented search of a property in REST API schlatterbeck
2 days ago Grab bag of other thoughts on JWT credentials rouilj
2 days ago Consider macaroon bearer auth token support using pymacaroons rouilj
3 days ago Markdown-it js in browser and markdown-it-py in server?? rouilj
5 days ago Run roundup on pypy interpreter rouilj
6 days ago enters endless loop on gentoo linux python2 installation marcus.priesch
6 days ago Should the ETag Header get sent on POST, PUT and PATCH ? marcus.priesch
1 week ago Add support for have I been powned password checking/email address rouilj
3 weeks ago Document how to deploy wheel (.whl) package for roundup. rouilj
1 month ago Cross-Platform Imports do not work noschvie
1 month ago Add norefererer to link representation rouilj
1 month ago Add show password to all bundled templates rouilj
2 months ago @filter in web interface should validate fieldnames rouilj
2 months ago xmlrpc filter by non-existent field returns all issues - should error rouilj
3 months ago Handle errors when running with -W error rouilj
3 months ago Make and ExportCSVIDAction support transitive props rouilj
3 months ago cl.filter fails if filterspec is None rouilj
3 months ago a Systeminfo page endavis
3 months ago Change password reset not send password via email rouilj
3 months ago Make password reset method less useful for account guessing rouilj
3 months ago Make password reset one time key time limited rouilj
3 months ago relink / restore an unlinked / removed message forest
3 months ago Support adding webmention to links rouilj
3 months ago Generating locale info reports errors with misformatted strings rouilj
3 months ago Atom feeds for issue changes techtonik
3 months ago Separate templates SHA signature to ease version control gimni
3 months ago Show Python, Roundup version at bottom with more stats techtonik
3 months ago Implement Server-Timing headers for stats rouilj
3 months ago Document how to set up and use PGP encrypted emails. rouilj
4 months ago Possible design for new tracker rouilj
4 months ago Make multi-traversal REST API search in Roundup possible tttech-klonner
4 months ago VCS support mariod
4 months ago Automated method to purge inactive users. rouilj
5 months ago consider adding scrypt or argon2 for password hashing to replace pbkdf2 rouilj
5 months ago Markdown2 emphasis intra-word ced
5 months ago Use subtransactions for error handling during roundup import?? rouilj
6 months ago help_commands_html unused joseph_myers
6 months ago roundup-admin specification should show protected properties rouilj
6 months ago show retired/unretire commands jkew
6 months ago Allow roundup-admin pack <date> <class+|designator+> rouilj
6 months ago MySQL support notes adustman
6 months ago Use redis as caching layer or session db implementation. rouilj
6 months ago Support for memcached rodriguealcazar
6 months ago "roundup-server -S" resets and does not update config.ini rouilj
6 months ago roundup-server with ssl under python2 throws traceback on socket close rouilj
6 months ago roundup-server won't run with ssl under python3 (unusual config) rouilj
6 months ago Should be possible to search for matching several keywords (keyword1 AND keyword2) ber
6 months ago Wiki: Fix roundup theme for new version of moinmoin ber
6 months ago Search enhancement - merge queries as sets rouilj
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