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4 days ago Remove XHTML support rouilj
4 days ago Add issue activity sparkline for index pages. rouilj
6 days ago Remove html comments inside of script tags. rouilj
1 week ago Hosting 3rd party templates on sourceforge under Roundup org rouilj
3 weeks ago rest responses missing cache-control header rouilj
3 weeks ago Add etag header when If-Modified-Since GET request returns not-modified (304) rouilj
3 weeks ago Use to test https responses rouilj
3 weeks ago Built-in mailbox polling scheduler asavchuk
3 weeks ago Redesign of templates based on jinja2 and update to bootstrap5 asavchuk
1 month ago help_commands_html unused joseph_myers
1 month ago Month intervals at the end of long months yield the wrong day ThomasAH
1 month ago Handle empty states in index view rouilj
1 month ago yaml output of broken rouilj
1 month ago travis ci python 2.7 environment missing GPG testing. rouilj
1 month ago Allow rest endpoints added via to overlay existing endpoints. rouilj
1 month ago Python changes for 3.12 with roundup 2.3.0 kragacles
1 month ago tighten up ssl connection rouilj
1 month ago xapian doesn't build in CI for 3.13 python rouilj
1 month ago psycopg2 on 3.13 github runner crashes on import rouilj
1 month ago support @current_user in searches on MultiLink to user properties. rouilj
1 month ago Support editing of messages rouilj
1 month ago Access to static files is not limited by origin rouilj
1 month ago Enable openid/login with github on this tracker, possibly include as plugin addon rouilj
1 month ago test requires "CREATE" privilege on Pg - print creation command required for postgresql admin tonimueller
1 month ago Remove support for PySQLite rouilj
1 month ago Upgrade jquery supplied with templates rouilj
1 month ago Support adding webmention to links rouilj
1 month ago Improving permission performance - RBAC, ABAC push to db layer from hyperdb rouilj
2 months ago with more than 50 items, the simple classhelp javascript windows do not allow to select from all items (affects keywords, superceder) tonimueller
2 months ago roundup-admin updateconfig does not preserve DEFAULT section or interpolation tokens rouilj
2 months ago Use utf8mb4 as a default for MySQL instead of utf8 whunger
2 months ago MySQL utf8mb4 issues rouilj
2 months ago Add proxy capability to roundup. rouilj
3 months ago Track removal of non-caching code path through (in 2026) rouilj
3 months ago Grab bag of other thoughts on JWT credentials rouilj
3 months ago add completer function for roundup-admin when using readline rouilj
3 months ago Add as a templating engine rouilj
3 months ago Upgrade zope tal/page templates/ZTUtils to current page templates codebase rouilj
3 months ago Build a TUI/CLI with textualize or python-prompt-toolkit rouilj
3 months ago Add skip links to TOC in docs pages rouilj
3 months ago make pre examples in docs pages tabable rouilj
3 months ago Add index creation hint to schema definition schlatterbeck
3 months ago Add support for html2text to rouilj
4 months ago Consider adding unique=True|False for all hyperdb classes rouilj
4 months ago Support examples in multiple templating languages for Roundup docs rouilj
4 months ago mysql 8 testing takes 4 hours. Create table seems to be the culprit rouilj
4 months ago Allow admin settable max number of rows to be returned by rest interface rouilj
4 months ago Support encrypted databases (sqlite and possibly others) rouilj
4 months ago mistune 3.0 support rouilj
5 months ago Better logging in REST api schlatterbeck
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