ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
34616 13 minutes ago implement "Async exec" open mbussonn   enhancement 5
35438 13 minutes ago Cleanup extension functions using _PyObject_LookupSpecial has PR open eelizondo   behavior 6
34977 an hour ago Release Windows Store app containing Python has PR open steve.dower steve.dower enhancement 34
35433 2 hours ago Correctly detect installed SDK versions has PR open jkloth steve.dower   17
35425 2 hours ago test_eintr fails randomly on AMD64 FreeBSD 10-STABLE Non-Debug 3.7: TypeError: 'int' object is not callable open vstinner     2
35455 2 hours ago Solaris thread_time doesn't work with current implementation has patch open kulikjak     1
27004 4 hours ago Handle script shbang options open opoplawski     3
35453 4 hours ago pathlib.Path: glob and rglob should accept PathLike patterns open ciupicri     3
35454 4 hours ago Fix miscellaneous issues in error handling has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
35449 5 hours ago documenting objects open stefan   enhancement 9
9633 5 hours ago pdb go stack up/down has patch has PR open Markus.Pröller   behavior 6
35257 6 hours ago Avoid leaking linker flags into distutils: add PY_LDFLAGS_NODIST has patch has PR open cstratak     7
35325 6 hours ago imp.find_module() return value documentation discrepancy has PR open StefanBauerTT docs@python   3
32299 8 hours ago unittest.mock.patch.dict.__enter__ should return the dict has PR open Allen Li   enhancement 2
35324 8 hours ago ssl: FileNotFoundError when do handshake open christian.heimes behavior 3
24928 9 hours ago mock.patch.dict spoils order of items in collections.OrderedDict has patch open Alexander Oblovatniy michael.foord behavior 7
23078 10 hours ago unittest.mock patch autospec doesn't work on staticmethods has patch open kevinbenton berker.peksag behavior 13
33779 12 hours ago Error while installing python 3.6.5 on windows 10 open sid1987   crash 12
23864 yesterday issubclass without registration only works for "one-trick pony" collections ABCs. has patch open mjpieters docs@python   7
33725 yesterday Python crashes on macOS after fork with no exec has PR open kapilt     25
20239 yesterday Allow repeated deletion of unittest.mock.Mock attributes has PR open michael.foord michael.foord behavior 2
35378 yesterday multiprocessing.Pool.imaps iterators do not maintain alive the multiprocessing.Pool objects has PR open pablogsal   behavior 15
22577 yesterday local variable changes lost after pdb jump command has PR open xdegaye   behavior 1
35450 yesterday venv module doesn't create a copy of python binary by default open mkkot docs@python   1
35448 yesterday ConfigParser .read() - handling of nonexistent files open Adrian Wielgosik   behavior 1
34079 yesterday Multiprocessing module fails to build on Solaris 11.3 has patch open clallen   compile error 3
28054 yesterday Diff for visually comparing actual with expected in mock.assert_called_with. has patch open Eli Rose   enhancement 6
17088 yesterday ElementTree incorrectly refuses to write attributes without namespaces when default_namespace is used has patch has PR open silverbacknet   behavior 13
35337 yesterday Check index in PyTuple_GET_ITEM/PyTuple_SET_ITEM in debug mode has PR open vstinner     11
26704 yesterday unittest.mock.patch: Double patching instance method: AttributeError: Mock object has no attribute '__name__' has patch open asottile   behavior 5
20602 yesterday sys.flags and sys.float_info disappear at shutdown has patch has PR open pitrou   behavior 8
17185 yesterday unittest mock create_autospec doesn't correctly replace mocksignature has PR open cjw296 michael.foord behavior 7
35444 yesterday Unify and optimize the helper for getting a builtin object has PR open serhiy.storchaka     1
35105 yesterday Document that CPython accepts "invalid" identifiers open vstinner docs@python   14
35267 yesterday reproducible deadlock with multiprocessing.Pool open dzhu   behavior 7
35431 yesterday Add a function for computing binomial coefficients to the math module has PR open kellerfuchs   enhancement 21
35292 yesterday Make SimpleHTTPRequestHandler load mimetypes lazily has PR open steve.dower   performance 12
35440 yesterday Setup failed 0x80072f7d - Unspecified error open DesignEngineer   behavior 3
35442 yesterday Chain of several subcommands in argparse open porton   enhancement 1
34624 yesterday -W option and PYTHONWARNINGS env variable does not accept module regexes has PR open coldfix     6
31823 2 days ago Opaque default value for close_fds argument in Popen.__init__ has PR open Алексей Аверченко docs@python   5
35441 2 days ago Dead (and buggy) code due to mishandling of PyList_SetItem() errors has PR open ZackerySpytz   behavior 3
35435 2 days ago Discourage external links to old docs. open matrixise mdk enhancement 8
35376 2 days ago modulefinder skips nested modules with same name as top-level bad module has patch has PR open rdb   behavior 2
33747 2 days ago Failed separate test_patch_propogrates_exc_on_exit in test_unittest has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 3
35401 2 days ago Upgrade Windows and macOS installers to use OpenSSL 1.1.0j / 1.0.2q open ned.deily christian.heimes   3
35403 2 days ago support application/wasm in mimetypes and http.server open pmpp   enhancement 2
35402 2 days ago Upgrade macOS (and Windows?) installer to Tcl/Tk open ned.deily     2
32417 2 days ago fromutc does not respect datetime subclasses has PR open p-ganssle     9
9566 3 days ago Compilation warnings under x64 Windows has patch has PR open pitrou   behavior 65
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