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Issue 2550987

Title: Use newer MySQL interface module
Type: rfe Severity: normal
Components: Database Versions: devel
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Created on 2018-07-25 19:59 by joseph_myers, last changed 2018-08-18 16:18 by joseph_myers.

msg6143 Author: [hidden] (joseph_myers) Date: 2018-07-25 19:59
The MySQL interface module used by Roundup is unmaintained and does not
support Python 3.  We need to switch to some newer module while
remaining compatible with existing databases.  Possibilities suggested
include from the MySQL
maintainers (GPL like MySQL) and SQLAlchemy Core.
msg6200 Author: [hidden] (cmeerw) Date: 2018-08-17 19:25 seems to be a compatible update of with Python 3 support. Let's see 
if that works, we can then just switch...
msg6201 Author: [hidden] (joseph_myers) Date: 2018-08-18 00:38
doc/features.txt has a link to the old module which will need updating.  
The change should also be mentioned in CHANGES.txt.
msg6203 Author: [hidden] (joseph_myers) Date: 2018-08-18 16:18
This seems to be all done now, thanks.
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