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Title: Deploy rss feed for
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Created on 2020-05-19 12:37 by rouilj, last changed 2020-07-03 03:31 by rouilj.

msg6916 Author: [hidden] (rouilj) Date: 2020-05-19 12:37
Consider using a reactor like:

#  RSS writer Roundup reactor
#  Mark Paschal <>


You could also use Template based:

but it requires a change to cgi/ and incurs more load
that we don't want for a public site.
msg6925 Author: [hidden] (rouilj) Date: 2020-07-03 03:30
Added in rev:6220:461a322a79af detector and rss feed link in page.html.
Needs to be deployed and verify that execution environment is correct to 
allow the detector to run.
msg6926 Author: [hidden] (rouilj) Date: 2020-07-03 03:31
rev 6220:461a322a79af using DetectorBasedFeedGeneration.
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