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Document PEM file for roundup-server needs to include both key and cert.
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Created on 2022-07-14 20:10 by rouilj, last changed 2022-07-14 20:10 by rouilj.

msg7608 Author: [hidden] (rouilj) Date: 2022-07-14 20:10
with subject "Starting tracker gives [('SSL routines', '', 'PEM lib')]"

it looks like the format of the PEM file to give to roundup-server when operating in
SSL/TLS mode isn't properly described.

The file needs to have both the key surrounded by private key markers
something like:

----- END PRIVATE KEY   ----

and the corresponding certificate (in PKCS#8 format)
surrounded by the certificate markers like:


and similar for end. This can be done by concatenating the key and certificate
files together into one file and using that file.

Add doc on this in a couple of places:

  to the config in roundup-server so it is added to the generated config file

  in the roundup-server man page

Also that error is a bit cryptic. Consider trapping it and the error shown in:

when the PEM file only has the key in it and producing a more useful error.

 PEM file seems to have an error does it contain both a key and certificate?

Note until issue 2551137 is solved, this is a bit of a moot point as roundup-server won't
serve anything, but having it fixed is still a win.
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