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Author tmikk
Date 2007-07-25.19:32:09
I would like to propose adding one more classhelp method argument to the 
Roundup core.  The argument would enable "view only" option for the text 
appearing in the pop-up window.  The pop-up window itself would not have 
the "Cancel" and "Apply" buttons, nor the check boxes, but could have a 
"Close" button instead.  

This sort of pop-up window could then be used by tracker administrators to create a contextual help system for their tracker.  Tracker administrators can create a new class in the schema such as this:
helpdoc = Class(db, "helpdoc",

Then they can create a web page based on the item template to populate the helpdoc class information.  Administrator can define the terms of the tracker that may be confusing to end users.  Once the terms are defined, they can create links to specific entries in the help documentation.  For example a link could be created like this:

Nosy (_help_)  BOX FOR VALUES  (_list_) where _help_ is linked to a pop-up window displaying information how the Nosy functionality works.  Fortunately classhelp method already has an argument for filtering content and for creating a custom label for the link.  

I would be happy to write up documentation for creating help in this way if needed.

Thank you for considering this!

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