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Author tobias-herp
Date 2008-02-17.14:14:50
Interesting idea. For those fields which are not usually filled via helper dialogues, it could make sense to have a simple popup window anyway, which displays the possible values and an optional "description" or "doc" field added to the status, priority... schema. If I get you right, such popup windows could use the value of the "helpdoc" table/class, whose "name" attribute points to the documented table/class (and could be named "klass", or something similar).

OTOH, shouldn't it be possible to use the "radio" version and let the user optionally set the value of a select box using it (should work, shouldn't it?)

BTW, what about i18n? Since we don't support composite table keys, we would need to build the key ourselves, e.g. indexing the german translation of the 'status' class as 'status-de'. Otherwise we would need .po translations for database entries, which wouldn't make sense.
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