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Author tmikk
Date 2007-09-14.21:05:01
Justus, thanks for working on this,


Tonu Mikk wrote:

> >  <th class="required" i18n:translate="">Summary</th>
> >     <textarea tal:replace="structure
> >         python:context.description.multiline(rows=5, cols=70)" />
> > 
> > When a user has only "view" rights to this field, the text does not wrap
> > in a browser.  Is there a way to re-write this so that users with "view"
> > rights would see the text wrapped?

Personally, I think that multiline would be better off returning a read-only
textarea than the <pre></pre> it does today; it would at least preserve the
layout of the page better. If you could file a Sourceforge bug and assign
it to me, it'll help me remember to make that change...provided there are
no objections.
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