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Author tobias-herp
Date 2006-08-15.15:28:20
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>  name = String (required = True)

I agree it's a good idea to have a 'required' flag for
database fields. There could be a table method which returns
the list/tuple of required fields; this could be used to
fill the 'required' variable I introduced in my patch.

However, in our setup we're less picky when issues are
created via mail (by a customer) than when created TTW (by
tech people, and with immediate response, guaranteed to
reach the acting user). Thus IMO it's a good thing to be
able to add some more fields to the list in the page
template. And I think the fields enforced via Javascript
should be enforced by the server side, too.

My patch introduced the 'required' variable; a later patch
could introduce the method which fills it based on the
schema data (which could take the additional fields as
arguments, returning a duplicate-free list of field names).
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