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Author ajaksu2
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Date 2009-03-01.13:53:39
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Here's a modification that works with keywords and other Multilinks.

        def repr_link(cls,col):
            def f(x):
                print x, cls, col
                if x==None:
                    return ""
                elif isinstance(x, list): # <-
                    return str([cls.get(y,col) for y in x]) # <-
                    return str(cls.get(x,col))
            return f

        props = klass.getprops()

        for col in columns:
            represent[col] = str
            islink = isinstance(props[col], hyperdb.Link)
            ismultilink = isinstance(props[col], hyperdb.Multilink)
            if  islink or ismultilink:
                cn = props[col].classname
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