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On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 06:49:40PM +0000, Tobias wrote:
> Tobias <> added the comment:
> > For date values, whitespace can't be used this way, because Roundup's
> > date specs can contain whitespace.  (...) For both cases (and for
> > floats as well, of course), there are two possibilities they have in
> > common:
> > - the 'or' operator
> > - inside curly brackets, the semicolon divides values, but changes
> >   nothing about the nature of the enumeration-implying curly bracket.
> Correction: Of course, we'll use (consistently) commas or 'or' for date
> enumerations.  As mentioned elsewhere, enumerations of float values
> don't make much sense;  thus I suggest to drop them.

See my comments: We only have enumeration of intervals. A number (be it
float or integer) is a degenerate interval that covers a single number.
It can be written as [n] but maybe we can come up with a syntax where we
can drop the brackets/parentheses in the general case.

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