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Date 2011-08-14.15:37:14
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Yep, that is the problem.  python for 64 bit/amd does not seem to set
the right registry settings.  Even if I try to install some other python
package, it does not find python. I truly believe the issue is with
python.   I installed the 32 bit version, and roundup installed just fine.

Two more sub-issues:
>  When you go through the install process, you need to run the
installer as administrator (at least on Windows 7).  Otherwise some
registry values do not get set ( it tells you it fails to do so with
error messages).  Don't know why, but the installer should be able to
request administrator or notify the user it needs admin.

> Missing pyWin32, Mark Harmond's windows library for python. I suppose
the installer could check for this and report the missing dependency.  I
have done this myself with DotNet dlls, and some installers give you a
chance to write a routine to check complex missing dependencies. 
Although the easiest way I can think of is wrap an import statement with
a try catch and report either success or failure.  

thanks for the help troubleshooting!
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