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Author ezio.melotti
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Date 2012-08-22.07:01:33
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-re.findall(r'\b\w{2,25}\b', request.search_text), klass)
+re.findall(r'[\w_%]{2,25}', request.search_text), klass)

\w already includes _, so [\w%] is enough here.

There are also a few deprecated/obsolete idioms in the patches:

+if word.find('_') == -1 and word.find('%') == -1:
These should use the "in" operator.

+if not entries.has_key(word):
This (and others) should use "not in".

+raise ValueError, 'Index is corrupted: re-generate it'
This should use "raise ValueError(...)"

The patch(es) should also include some documentation that explains how
to use this new feature.
We also had some problem[0] with case-sensitive searches, however I'm
not sure if this is related to this issue.

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