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Date 2013-01-03.10:03:50
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| >Was the fact that you were using a remote postresgl database
| >important for the reproduction of your unwanted behaviour?
| Yes it was.

Hmm, so a local postgresql database would work? This would pose
the question what the difference between a local and a remote
postresgql database is. Some timelag in the connection? Probably not.
Some driving code using the connection in different - say blocking -

Could you attach or send me all the infos or files that you have that
make me or someone else be able to reproduce your issue as easily
as possible? Send it to me personally, if you cannot attach it here.
I may be willing to look into it, and the faster I can get to the point
to reproduce the behaviour you having difficulties with, the higher the
change that I can help. :)

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