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Hi Bernhard:

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Bernhard Reiter writes:
>Bernhard Reiter added the comment:
>as for the postgresl database, you were writing "on a remote server"
>so I wasn't sure if there is a difference between local and a remotely runni
>PostgreSQL connection. Yes, PostgreSQL will have parallel access
>in both cases.
>I just wanted to make sure that I can easily reproduce your issue, which is
>the next step in analysing it further.

I think it's the parallel nature of the database access and not the
"remoteness" of the database that's the issue here.

I expect local network/socket access to a postgres database would
cause the same issues, but I can't totally rule out delay due to
network transport time influencing the frequency of the problem (if I
could rule that out I'd probably be able to solve the issue 8-))..

Thanks for helping out with this.
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