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Date 2013-01-05.01:43:19
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Okay, here is my analysis:

I've enabled the debug output of the database, by setting
the following in demo/config.ini: 
  level = DEBUG

Actually I could reproduce this quite often with the local database.
The log with my first run is in bad_run.txt,
then I've rectified the debugging output and added some more,
see my hg export 
which is on top of John's "test" environment, but you'll get the idea.
This resulted in bad_run2.txt, where I did at least see one race condition.
In function set_inner() the previous node is the same both times,
this is because it is read before the first change is made to it.
See my comments within bad_run2.txt.
Looks like this needs some better locking during the transaction:
Once you read with the intention to update, you need to block other processes 
with the same goal.

It may not be the only problem, thought. I haven't fully groked set_inner() yet,
it feels a bit suspicious to me that the journal value is getting the old one and 
keeping it for String as well. Other types change it. But if this is broken, then a lot 
more history for strings would not work in all cases, which seems unlikely.
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