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Date 2013-01-06.19:15:49
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Yes,I believe the observed race condition is to blame for at least a part
of the problem. If this hypothesis holds, then if would mean this is independent
from your patch, though. We'e probably should bring it up in a different issue
and find a way to demonstrate it with a regular version of roundup.
Note that this race condition is in,
but overrides the function and seems to deal 
at least with one concurrent write situation.

It would mean that some decisions based on auditors or reactors may be wrong
in a concurrent edit situation for postgresql.

Still I believe this code is strange:
            current = node.get(propname, None)
            if value == current:
                del propvalues[propname]
            journalvalues[propname] = current

shouldn't it be 
  journalvalues[propname] = value 
instead of "current"?
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