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Date 2013-01-09.16:44:56
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Am Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013 16:00:26 schrieb John Rouillard:
> But the auditor *does not*
> call a get on the database. It just uses the info passed to it in the
> db.tx_Source string.

Which I believe should be okay for doing decisions in principle, 
there shouldn't be a necessity to explicitely "read" all the values
in order to lock them when basing decisions on them.

> Did I understand you correctly when you indicated that doing a
> cl.get(nodeid, 'tx_Source') in the auditor would cause parallel update
> transactions 

Also here, the roundup code itself does the wrong history entry.

>   python -t test ...

Don't forget to use the right backend, if your postgresql
can be accessed by the tests then the demo app can also use it
  python -t -b postgresql nuke
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