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Author jaraco
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Date 2013-02-10.09:51:32
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I've noticed in our tracker instance that often messages appear not to
wrap, and a paragraph will be displayed as a single, long line.
Apparently, this issue is not unique to my instance, as it can also be
observed in issue1795256.

If I view that issue in the latest version of Firefox, msg2481 and
msg2482 are displayed as very short, wide messages, in this case causing
the view to expand to 4 times the width of the browser. This view is
highly unfriendly, as it requires the user to scroll horizontally to
read the message or determine the author and date for the messages.

I have not yet been able to characterize what causes these messages to
be formatted such. It may be the mail gateway or other factor.

I've observed this behavior even with Roundup 1.4.21.

I suspect though haven't confirmed this issue is isolated to e-mail

I've searched through the options for the e-mail config and don't see
any options for affecting line wrap. Is this behavior expected? Has it
been characterized before? What options are available to work around the
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